Our culture

Corporate culture at the EBRD is a key part of our success. How we adapt and behave in response to the challenges we face shapes the future of our organisation, our capabilities, the impact we have and our reputation. Each and every one of us at the EBRD takes a proactive role in developing this story. Our Corporate Behaviours help us to evolve the organisation to the next level in terms of engagement, reputation, and delivery.

Our corporate behaviours

We build mutually beneficial relationships.
We seek to build long term relationships with suppliers, colleagues, stakeholders and clients that benefit all parties.

We stretch for sustainable success.
This reflects our strong desire to maximise the use of human and financial resources, while also understanding that there are boundaries that enable us to operate credibly and safely.  

We demonstrate good citizenship.
This underlines our commitment to leading by example in areas such as business ethics, governance, inclusion and in social and environmental responsibility.

We innovate to remain relevant.
Our organisation will not survive unless we help it to evolve as the world around us changes. We need to encourage, nurture and reward forward-thinking behaviour and productive creativity.

We lead and manage our people with skill and care.
We invest in the development of people-management skills among our supervisors, managers and leaders as a key factor in employee engagement.

We communicate with conviction and honesty.
We strive to demonstrate courage and authenticity in expressing our views – even unpopular ones – in a constructive manner so as to enhance the respect we receive from our partners, including clients, suppliers, staff, the Board and colleagues.