Our culture

Our culture

When you join the EBRD, you become part of a pioneering international organisation like no other. You use your talents to make a difference to people’s lives and help shape the future of the countries we invest in. Given the impact our organisation has, our culture is extremely important and is a key part of our success. How we adapt and behave in response to the challenges we face shapes our organisation, our capabilities, the impact we have and our reputation. So what does it feel like to be part of this? Here is what our people think about working at the EBRD. 

Our Mission and Mandate

“I am proud to contribute to being a catalyst for development.”

The EBRD's mission to improve lives means that we are motivated by the impact we make in our countries of operations - through investing in projects or engaging in policy dialogue. Whilst we’re commercially focussed, we also play a key role in the global development architecture where the mixture of financial, political, public and private stakeholders means that our work is varied, stimulating and high-profile. From helping a small farmer in Northern Africa to engaging with a President in Central Asia, we can see how our work impacts lives first hand.

From our historic beginnings to responding to global and regional events such as the Arab Spring, COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine, our mandate means we have to innovate to support the countries and regions where we operate. This gives our people the opportunity to work with new clients in new markets, often coming up with new solutions at short notice.

Safeguarding the environment and our society have always been central to the EBRD’s activity and we practise what we preach to ensure that these principles are embraced by our own colleagues. Sustainability, social inclusion and gender equality matter to us in our workplace as much as in our projects.

When we want a break from work, there are a wealth of extracurricular activities to get involved in to help us develop our knowledge and career or simply to connect with colleagues.

Our People

“I work with such interesting, talented, diverse people, and there is a feeling that we're all a team getting behind the Bank's mission.”

Diverse doesn’t begin to describe our multi-cultural workforce. The mix of nationalities, backgrounds and languages means we understand and embrace different perspectives to work well with each other and with our varied client base. Our supportive and inclusive environment means that we are comfortable bringing our authentic self to work, wherever that work may be: in the office, at home or from another country of operation. We are dedicated to ensuring that everyone feels like they have a voice and that they belong.

Collaborating on complex challenges with intelligent and talented colleagues provides stimulating on-the-job learning opportunities every day. We are constantly being stretched to learn from and keep up with the great minds around us.

Each of us at the EBRD takes a proactive role in contributing to and developing this culture. Join us to see how you can leave your own impact on this unique workplace.